The theme designated for the Program in Media and Modernity for the academic year 2008-09 is "Architecture in Playboy: 1953-1979." The thesis of this research seminar is that Playboy played a crucial yet unacknowledged role in the cultivation of design culture in the USA. Through a wide range of different strategies, the magazine integrated state of the art designers and architects into a carefully constructed vision of a desirable contemporary life style. The seminar will explore the ways in which Playboy was ahead of professional and popular magazines in promoting modern architecture and design. The collaborative research seminar, assembles and analyzes the magazines, the secondary literature on Playboy, the related archives, and conducts interviews with protagonists. As in previous Media and Modernity research seminars, the project will culminate in the collaborative production of a definitive book, exhibition, or event, to be determined as the project evolves.

Playboy Research Team

Joseph Bedford, Britt Eversole, Daria Ricchi, Vanessa Grossman, Marc Britz, Daniela Fabricius, Margo Handwerker, Yetunde Oliaya, Federica Vannucchi, Pep Aviles, Enrique Ramirez and Molly Steenson





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José Aragüez and Phil Taylor

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