The theme designated for the Program in Media and Modernity for the academic year 2004-05 was the little magazines, polemical books, films and exhibitions of the 1960sand 70s. In the Fall 2004 semester, the program sponsored a series of seminars and lectures by invited speakers. This series toke place in conjunction with Beatriz Colomina's PhD proseminar on little magazines in architecture. It included a lecture and a seminar by Peter Cook on Archigram and a seminar by Detlef Mertins and Mike Jennings on G. In the Spring 2005 semester, Esther da Costa Meyer and Beatriz Colomina team-taught the Media and Modernity core seminar MOD 500 on the topic of the Internationale Situationniste and Learning from Las Vegas, two influential and contrasting publications on the city. Both pay attention to the everyday, advertising, popular culture, and media to critique modern architecture but they take seemingly opposite positions. In parallel, there was a series of screenings of experimental films by the Situationists curated by Keith Sanborn, and a series of invited speakers, including Dirk van Heuvel on Team 10, Karin Jaschke on Forum, Mark Wigley on Constant's New Babylon, Thomas McDonough, Thomas Y. Levin, and Keith Sanborn on the Situationists, and Gianni Pettena on the Radicals. A workshop in the Spring of 2005 will continue the research into little magazines and prepare it for a major exhibition next year with an associate conference.

Little Magazines Research Team

Craig Buckley, Leonardo Diaz, Anthony Fontenot, Urtzi Grau, Lisa Hsieh, Alicia Imperiale, Joacquim Moreno, Lydia Kallipoliti, Daniel Lopez-Perez, and Irene Sunwoo.


Clip/Stamp/Fold is a diverse research project stemming out of the research of the PhD pro-seminar on little magazines. Clip/Stamp/Fold is a traveling exhibition which was inaugurated at the Storefront for Art and Architecture, a website and a book. Several conferences and symposia under the label "Little Talks" were organized in the framework of the Clip/Stamp/Fold exhibition. The symposia brought together a diverse body of speakers and protagonists of the underground press in the 1960s and 1970s including Robin Middleton, Peter Murray, Grahame Shane, Michael Webb, Yve-Alain Bois, Hal Foster, Rosalind Krauss, Stefano Boeri, Bernard Tschumi, Peter Eisenman, Kenneth Frampton, Mario Gandelsonas, Anthony Vidler, Steven Holl, Alison Sky, Suzanne Stephens, William Menking, Peter Cook, Dennis Crompton, Charles Jencks, Rafael Moneo, Claude Parent, Dennis Sharp, Stanislaus von Moos, Mary Wall and others.

For more information visit www.clipstampfold.com

Examples of Little Magazines

A.D., Archithese, Street Farmer, Casabella, Lotus, AMC, Oppositions, Arquitecturas Bis, Carrer de la Ciutat, Controspazio, Contropiano, L'Architecture d'aujourd'hui, Domus, October, Utopie, On Site, Oz, Le Carre bleu, Superfici, Skyline, Architecture principe, IN, Nueva Forma, Cuaderns, International Situationiste, Archigram, Megascope, Clipkit, Architectual Association Quaterly, Design Quaterly, Studio International, Interfunktionen, SITE and others.

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