Small Talks at the Storefront for Art and Architecture, NYC

 November 2006 - February 2007 

On November 28 at 6:30pm, Robin Middleton, Peter Murray, Grahame Shane, and Michael Webb discussed Archigram, Architectural Design, Clip-Kit, Megascope, Symbols, and the London underground scene of the 1960s.

On December 9 at 6:30pm, Yve-Alain Bois, Hal Foster and Rosalind Krauss discussed Macula and the beginnings of October.

On January 20 at 6:30pm, Stefano Boeri of Domus and Bernard Tschumi discussed strategies of publication between London, France and Italy in the early 1970s.

On January 23 at 6:30pm, Peter Eisenman, Kenneth Frampton, Mario Gandelsonas and Anthony Vidler discussed Oppositions, Lotus and Arquitecturas Bis.

On February 10 at 6:30pm, Steven Holl, Alison Sky, Suzanne Stephens and William Menking discussed architectural publishing in New York during the 1970s.

Little Magazines Then Now | Conference

 February 23-24, 2007 

A Conference organized by the Program in Media and Modernity in conjunction with the exhibition Clip/Stamp/Fold at Betts Auditorium, School of Architecture, Princeton University.

Friday February 23, 4:30–7:00pm: Avant-Garde Journals of the 1920s and 1930s

Introduction by Beatriz Colomina

Spyros Papapetros on Documents and Kbw

Yve-Alain Bois on I10

Devin Fore on Soviet Factography

Michael Jennings and Detlef Mertins on G

Response by Brigid Doherty

Saturday February 24, 10:00am–12:30pm: Radical Architecture Magazines of the 1960s and 1970s

Lydia Kallipoliti on AD

Craig Buckley on Bau

Joaquim Moreno on Arquitecturas Bis

Meredith Tenhoor on Oppositions

Responses by Felicity Scott and Anthony Vidler

Saturday February 24, 2:00–4:30pm: Critical Journals of the 1970s and 1980s

Anson Rabinbach on New German Critique

Hal Foster on October

Jonathan Crary on Zone

Little Magazines Now

Sina Najafi from Cabinet

Felicity Scott from Grey Room

Britt Eversole and Yetunde Olaiya

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LC/GR Le Corbusier and Greece

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