Dennis Crompton brings Archigram's Video Archive to Princeton

 April 5, 2010 

Archigram founding member and archivist Dennis Crompton hosted "Archigram at the Movies" - a film night featuring infrequently viewed historical videos from the Archigram Archives. Films included Reyner Banham's underappreciated "Fathers of Pop" [1979] in which Banham interviews the founding members of the Independent Group and discusses the British art and cultural scene in the 1950s. Other films included a lecture by Banham on Megastructures as well as Archigram videos which animated their iconic designs and urban visions form the 1960s.

Alfredo Jaar: "it is difficult"

 November 29, 2007 

A talk by the artist and screening of his film "Muxima"

Alfredo Jaar is an artist and filmmaker who lives and works in New York. His work has been shown extensively around the world. He has participated in the Venice, Sao Paulo, Johannesburg, Sydney, Istanbul and Kwangju Biennales as well as Documenta in Kassel. Major solo exhibitions include the New Museum of Contemporary Art in New York, the White chapel in London, the Museum of Contemporary Art in Chicago, the Pergamon Museum in Berlin and the Moderna Museet in Stockholm. He received a Guggenheim Fellowship in 1985 and was chosen a MacArthur fellow in 2000.

Sponsored by the Department of Spanish and Portuguese Languages and Cultures, the Department of Art and Archaeology, and the Program in Media and Modernity.

Dan Graham: From Suburbia to Surveillance

 April 11, 2006 

Betts Auditorium, School of Architecture Featuring:

A Talk by the Artist

A Presentation by Beatriz Colomina

A Screening of a Video

Sponsored by the Program in Media and Modernity, the Department of Art and Archaeology, and the School of Architecture

Situationist Film

 April 7, 2005 

Refutation de tous les jugements and In girum imus nocte et consumimur igni

Film Screening and Seminar by Thomas Y. Levin

La societe du spectacle

 March 1, 2005 

Film Screening and Seminar by Keith Sanborn

Watching Watching: Surveillance and/as Cinema

 October 2001 – January 2002 

Rear Window (Alfred Hitchcock, UK: 1954); Blow Up (Michelangelo Antonioni, UK: 1966); The

Conversation (Francis Ford Coppola, USA: 1974); Peeping Tom (Michael Powell, UK: 1960); I Only Wish That I Could Weep (Walid Raad, Lebanon/USA: 2001); The Truman Show (Peter Weir, USA: 1998); The Apple Macintosh (Ridley Scott, USA: 1984); 1984 (Surveillance Camera Players, USA: 1998); Nineteen Eighty-Four (Michael Radford, UK: 1984); Window of Opportunity (Sabine Kammerl, Germany: 2001); Ocularis: Eye Surrogates (Tran T. Kim-Trang, USA: 1997); Search (Pat Naldi and Wendy Kirkup, UK: 1993); Der Riese [The Giant] (Michael Klier, Germany: 1983); Enemy of the State

(Tony Scott, USA: 1998); Citizen Cam (Jerome Scemla, France: 2000); An American Family (Susan and Alan Raymond, PBS TV:1973); The Beating of Rodney King (Amateur Video, USA: 1991); Time Code (Mike Figgis, USA: 2000).

Organized by Thomas Y. Levin

Britt Eversole and Yetunde Olaiya

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