Maria Stavrinaki Reconsiders Breuer at the Bauhaus

 April 6, 2010 

Maria Stavrinaki, Associate Professor in the History of Contemporary Art at the Universite de Paris I-Pantheon-Sorbonne, presented a lecture entitled "The African Chair, or the Charismatic Object." Stavrinaki's talk centered on the so-called, and only recently rediscovered African Chair of Marcel Breuer and Gunta Stolzl, but expanded to considered more broadly the evolution of furniture design and materiality in the work of many Bauhaus masters and students. Her lecture was cosponsored by the Princeton University Department of German.

Hugo Segawa Lectures on Brasilia

 March 30, 2010 

Hugo Segawa, Professor at the Faculdade de Arquitetura e Urbanismo da Universidade de Sao Paulo, gave a talk entitled "Brasilia 1960-2010: Fifty Years of a Utopia." Professor Segawa not only spoke of the city itself and the urbanism of Lucio Costa and Oscar Niemeyer, but also narrated the unique history and traits of Brasilian modernism as well as the work of landscape architect and artist Burle Marx. The lecture was cosponsored by the Program in Latin American Studies, the Department of Art and Archeology and the School of Architecture.

Vikram Prakash on Chandigarh

 February 18, 2010 

University of Washington Professor Vikram Prakash lectured on Le Corbusier's designs for Chandigarh in the MM500 graduate proseminar focusing on Brasilia and Chandigarh led by Beatriz Colomina (Architecture) and Esther da Costa Meyer (Art and Archeology). Prakash, whose father was a project manager on the design for Le Corbusier, discussed the history and design of the Indian regional capital.

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